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Care Instructions

Your new earrings and accessories are delicate please look after them!

Please treat your earrings with care. If dropped or stored incorrectly, your earrings may break or become damaged. Follow these helpful tips:

  • Keep your earrings clean, safe, dry and out of direct sunlight and hot places such as inside the car. Keep the earrings either in separate boxes or on an earring board to prevent scratches.

  • Avoid contact with cosmetics, makeup, perfume, hairspray and moisturiser. 

  • Don't drop them or knock them around too much as resin and acrylic can both crack if not looked after correctly.

  • Don't get them wet - Remove all accessories before contacting water. 

  • Cleaning - clean your earrings with a soft damp cloth or a jewellery polishing cloth as required.

  • Tassels can become bent out of shape or have some fly-aways. You can renew most tassels by simply manoeuvring them with your fingers and a touch of water. If this does not get the desired result, silk tassels (not cotton) can be re-straightened with a hairdryer on low. Please do this VERY carefully and on the lowest heat setting only to avoid melting the silk.
  • When removing the backing clasps from your earrings, please be sure to hold the pad of the post to the front of the studs to prevent wear and tear on the adhesive. Whilst we use strong adhesives around, excessive pulling or leaving the earrings in a hot car, can cause the post to come away from the front of the earring. If this does happen, the post can easily be glued back to the earring with a strong adhesive.

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