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Zahlia Rose Designs Re~Brand

Welcome! We are finally here! When I closed the website in January for a re-brand, I had every intention of re-opening within 6 weeks... And then my perfectionist trait kicked in. 6 Months later, I was finally ready to release the sparkly new updated Zahlia Rose Designs into the world.

Why earrings? Zahlia Rose was first born about 8 years ago, when an owner that was a little over the typical 9-5 wanted a creative outlet, to let off some steam. A few years later, a plunge down the rabbit hole into the planner world, saw Zahlia Rose change mediums and move into planner stickers. After all, I was using so many of them I thought why not make my own and share them with other planner addicts? Whilst this was a successful business, in time, this self confessed glitter addict still felt a calling to the glitz and glam of the earring world. It was then that I knew where I needed to be. So I closed the website for a re-brand, and now? I couldn't feel more at home.

This is a shoppable website, I restock as I make earrings so there will always be different stock on line at any given time. (Be sure to check back often) Some styles are one off's, some we only make a couple of times and some may be website staples. 

You may notice that I say I A LOT in this little passage. That's because this little business is reliant on me, me and little old me. I handle EVERYTHING that is involved in this business myself, including but not limited to, the management of this website, the designing of the earrings, the ordering of materials, the making of the products, the photography, the social media, the marketing, the packaging, the mailing, the tracking updates, and basically anything else that goes into running a small business. Not that I am complaining, this just gives you a little insight into the production and the behind the scenes of your fabulous earrings.

I honestly believe that wearing fabulous earrings is a way to express the woman you are, without saying a word! I've worked hard on this business, and I hope you love the re-band as much as I do. 


Kylie xo