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Sensitive Ear Approved

Our earrings are all handmade in Far North Qld. Most of the components that we use in our designs are Australian made and are purchased from other Aussie businesses, as we like to support local where ever possible.

As an someone with super sensitive ears it was super important to me that any earrings made by Zahlia Rose Designs would be sensitive ear safe as this journey proved a little more difficult than I imagined.

I myself have purchased many, MANY pairs of earrings from various other big name suppliers and you know what, whilst some of them are amazingly beautiful, the earring posts hurt my sensitive ears and i'd have to take them off after only a few hours.

When I started testing out earrings findings I quickly found that not all stainless steel was made equal and in fact much of what I tried was low quality and irritated my sensitive ears. This just wasn't going to be good enough for my business so I kept searching and testing products until I found something that I was happy with. Quality is important to us here at Zahlia Rose Designs, which is part of the reason that I worked on the re-launch of this business for 6 months behind the scenes before releasing it to you.

The earring findings that we use are top quality surgical stainless steel that has been rigorously tested by us here and also confirmed via our customers to be sensitive ear approved. So sensitive ear friends, you can shop here! 

Kylie xo